My name is Ted Staley.

I am currently completing a masters degree in robotics engineering at Johns Hopkins University. During the school year I continue to develop software, design graphics, and maintain other personal projects. This summer I am interning at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) where I am doing work in computer vision.

This is a website about my projects and interests.

I created this website to record and showcase past and ongoing work, from mechanical design projects to published iPhone apps. Currently, I am working on a framework to create iOS UI's using a manner similar to HTML. I am also in the process of selling my latest game, Midnight Miner (Auction Listing.)

Some final comments:

Please take a look around, and feel free to contact me via email at I am always open to part-time software development or graphic design work as my schedule allows. If you are looking for information about a specific app for iOS, links to dedicated web pages can be found below. My most recent game is Midnight Miner.

Large Projects
Other & Older Projects

Robotics MSE

Concentration in Perception & Cognitive Systems

Johns Hopkins University - Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2016

I am currently a master's student at Johns Hopkins in the field of robotics. In my final semester as an undergrad I took two classes that really pushed me towards robotics: an artificial intelligence survey course, and my year-long capstone project in engineering which had several robotic components. Both of these were difficult but incredibly engaging, and I caught a glimpse of what I could do if my interests were combined. I am hoping that this robotics program will unite my interests in both mechanical engineering and computer science, allowing me to eventualy pursue an interdisciplinary career.

I am now entering my second semester of the robotics degree and have already learned a great deal. In the fall I completed courses in robotic kinematics, computer vision, and robotic sensors and actuators. This semester I will dive deeper into the software side of things with classes in algorithms relevant to robotics and robotics programming.

Mechanical Engineering BS

Minor in Computer Science

Graduated with Honors

Johns Hopkins University - 2011-2015

During my undergrad career I studied mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins. I learned an incredible amount in just four years, not only about engineering but also about work ethic and collaboration. The program was challenging, immersing me in a range of compelling topics, from materials science to thermodynamics. Through these courses I learned to approach problems systematically and analytically, a skill that I will be able to apply for the rest of my life.

The curriculum also included hands-on laboratory classes, which gave me practical experience in experiment design, mechanical design, and the analysis of real systems. This portion of the curriculum culminated with a year-long capstone project, during which myself and three peers designed and built a large robotic gantry crane for Orbital ATK. At the end of the year we installed our system in Orbital ATK's RPO Lab in Baltimore, to help them simulate accurate satellite docking.

I also completed a minor in computer science during my time as an undergrad, and find myself equally as interested in software engineering as mechanical. While I was not able to study computer science to the same level of depth as mechanical engineering, I gained a lot of practical knowledge and greatly improved as a programmer.

Mechanical engineering and computer science are very broad disciplines, and potential employers often ask if I have studied X or Y. Below is a complete list of technical courses that I completed as an undergraduate, sorted by area of study.

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I have learned many skills through my education, while others I have taught myself and cultivated through personal projects. Below is a brief summary of skills (mainly computer-related) that I have developed.

Programming Languages & Similar


Game Development

I taught myself the basics of programming by making flash games after high school. I was able to find sponsors for my first few games online. This quickly became a passion for me, and I have continued to learn about game mechanics, graphics, audio, and the casual gaming industry. I now create games for iOS using Objective-C, and continue to hone my programming and graphic design skills to facilitate future games development. I have recently focused on making more fully-featured games, which include in-game currencies, advertising, IAPs, and sharing features.

Graphic Design

In 6th grade I received a copy of Photoshop as a Christmas present, and have been hooked on creating things with a computer ever since. While I have always been artistic I am also meticulous, and when creating physical drawings or paintings it is challenging for me to get through minor details. However, computer graphics are forgiving and malleable while also being exact, a perfect match for my approach to artwork. After using Photoshop for a few years I purchased a copy of Illustrator, and without a doubt that has become my favorite program. I now use both programs to create graphics for a variety of purposes, from game graphics and icons to logos, posters, and fabric patterns.